simple organic church Networks seeking
to welcome all into
the community.

DNA began in 2001 as a church planting initiative to develop a vibrant community of faith through a wide range of mission units and informal networks overseas. DNA seeks the dynamic of the Holy Spirit.                               Ours is a new expression of spirituality and mission, drawing from the wells of two millennia of living stories, embedded in Colchester and the UK.


DNA contains the genetic fingerprints of life; the fingerprints of Jesus reflect the identity and purpose of Jesus – who he is and what he came to do.

The intention of DNA Networks is to embody and multiply the fingerprints of Jesus. We aim to be 'Mission Enablers' encouraging 'new expressions' of Church.

DNA Projects

We seek to act on purpose through the implementation of 4 key projects.

Essex Free School Uniform

aims to help alleviate the pressure on parents by assisting with the cost of school uniform.

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Well-being & Work for Refugee Integration

based on the principle that being economically active is the most significant step towards becoming integrated into society.

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Integration Thro Language

free English courses for refugees and migrants in Colchester and around beyond.

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Essex Integration

free advice, support and practical help to refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers throughout Essex.

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Values and Beliefs

Imagine a community of hospitality, where people from all walks of life find belonging, where strangers and outsiders are welcomed, where addicts and alcoholics find friendship, where broken families can flourish, where the rejected find acceptance.

Stretch your imagination to visualise a community centred on Jesus, finding the power to love people into wholeness, the creativity to teach a radical, generous lifestyle and the perseverance to endure through disappointment, grief or loss. Challenge your credulity to believe that where a community is centred on Jesus, the freedom of forgiveness is found and the process of cleansing and healing continues through a lifelong journey of learning.

Now imagine a network of small communities, each centred on Jesus, each embracing these values, each engaging with distinct groups of people as they walk alongside friends, colleagues and those to whom they are drawn. The organic character of this network is such that good health produces growth and multiplication. As each member of the community grows in character, so she/he is empowered to exercise responsibility and take initiative.

Passion for justice, random acts of kindness and humble character become evident, as the community exercises faith in God’s capacity to renew the mind and re-form the personality from the inside. In the process, people discover a hunger for learning the ways of God. They develop spiritual gifts and find the faith to release the inspired, godly dreams lying captive in their hearts. They carry their hope and new found freedom into their homes & families, their workplaces and leisure activities.

Finally, imagine a community journeying through the pains and struggles of life, strengthened by its sports and fun, by its children’s playfulness and, most of all, by its times of joyful celebration, where heaven is glimpsed, laughter and singing are heard, feasts are enjoyed and the favour of God is known. Once, Jesus gathered a community like this. Will He not do so once again?

Our Mission

Our mission is to embody the fingerprints of Jesus:

To bring good news to the poor,
To heal the broken hearted,
To set captives free,
To release those who are bound,
To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.


A Bishop’s Mission Order is a relatively new instrument to give Fresh Expressions of Church a legal status within the Church of England. As a Fresh Expression Anglican Church, we share the values that underpin the faith of all Anglican churches:

Biblical – the Old and New Testaments reveal who God is
Sacramental – baptism and holy communion are outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual realities
Credal – the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds express the basis of what we believe
Accountable – to our bishops and Archdeacons, Right Reverends Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani of Chelmsford and Roger Morris of Colchester and Ruth Pattern Archdeacon of Colchester.

“DNA contains the genetic fingerprints of life. DNA Networks exists to embody and multiply the fingerprints of Jesus by creating Open Community Centred on Jesus.”

Rev David and Janie Beales - FOUNDING Pioneers of DNA NETWORKS

The Dna networks team

Enis Bilalli

Mobile Tutor

Kelly Lawrence

Mobile Tutor

Kelly Lawrence

Mobile Tutor

Izabela Suchy

Essex Free School Uniform

Abdul Jaleel Sultani

Hotel Support Worker

Nawab Khan

Hotel Support worker

Simon Tappenden

Financial assistant

Jan Abraham

WW4RI Employment advisor

Rahmatullah Mukhtar

Family support Worker


Family Support Worker

Eddie Campbell


Addul Atteh

WW4RI employment advisors

Hamid Khan

Family Worker

Hana Abbara

Family Worker

Boshra Hasan

Family Worker

Bev Springett


Mark Snelling

Operations Manager

Simone Hilliard

Finance Manager


WW4RI and Integration Thro Language Tutor

The Dna networks trustees

Jo Rassel (Treasurer)

Finance Assistant

Tim Rose

Tim Rose (Chair)

Arch Deacon Ruth Pattern

Judith Gibson